27 January 2022

CST Studio Suite – Microwave and Antenna (UPNM)

CST Studio Suite – Microwave & Antenna Training Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia, UPNM

About the Training

This course you will become familiar with the CST Studio Suite interface and how to perform basic tasks in terms of modeling, setup of simulation, and analyzing pre and postprocessing results. This class will also discuss more specific topics like antenna matching network, SAR calculation in human body.


  • Introduction CST studio suite
  • Introduction Antenna Magus
  • Basic and Advanced Modelling Techniques
  • Solver Overview
  • Hands-on tutorial Coaxial Connector Simulation
  • Ports, Materials and Boundaries
  • Results Handling and Postprocessing
  • Optimizer Overview
  • Waveguide Ports Meshing Overview
  • Antenna Simulation Overview
  • Hands-on
  • TMYTEK 5G mmWave developer kits Demo.


CST studio university training by RF station Tina

EM UPNM Cst antenna magus course malayisa
Thank you Dr Taufik for organizing the session

UPNM Malaysia CST simulation training

Malaysia -5G mmWave developer kits Demo UPNM RF station
BBoard 5G mmWave developer kits Demo