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Honestco Electric is established with a team of experts focusing in the on-wafer probing industry with decades of probing experience and techniques. The aim is to help out RF customers with fast time to market and innovative probing solutions with various valuable vendors in the market but synchronize with the knowledge background design by Honestco Electric. With advanced solution design capability, Honestco Electric is not only to provide on-wafer probing products but also to expand our service to MMIC design and packaging service.


Application side: wafer level measurement, millimeter wave measurement

  • Excellent RF characteristics
  • Short lead time
  • Precise control tip coordinate error
  • GSG: 26GHz 40GHz 50GHz 67GHz 110GHz
  • GS/SG: 26GHz 40GHz 50GHz 67GHz 110GHz


Application side: PCB measurement, FPC measurement, Package IC measurement, Optical transceiver IC measurement

  • Highly customized for any probe pitch and probe length
  • Suitable for any DUT, strong tip structure
  • GSG: 26GHz, 40GHz, 50GHz, 67GHz
  • GS/SG: 26GHz, 40GHz,  50GHz, 67GHz
mmwave measurement
Honestco taiwan RF Station T plus


Application side: wafer level measurement, millimeter wave measurement

Application side: PCB measurement, FPC measurement, Package IC measurement, Optical transceiver IC measurement
  • GSSG: 26GHz, 40GHz, 50GHz, 67GHz
  • GSGSG: 26GHz, 40GHz, 50GHz, 67GHz
  • Customized Connector: Angle, Vertical


Application side: wafer level mass production measurement

  • Low Insertion Loss and Return Loss up to 67GHz.
  • RF Air Coplanar probe (require uniformed pitch and configuration) , OR Custom Fabrication RF Cantilever probe available. (cannot be mixed air coplanar probe and RF cantilever)
  • Cantilever DC Probes up to around 25pins (depend on pitch requirement)
  • Long Life Cycle (typical over 2M contact in Auto probe mode/Cantilever type)
  • De-Embed File Available
  • Typical Spec: 10GHz 40GHz 67GHz
RF Probe Card Honestco RFS Malaysia


Honestco Manual Probe Station Series is an extremely accurate RF probe station designed for R&D research and laboratory probing. Not only the 150mm (6″) product series also includes 100mm (4″), which can meet the measurement requirements of various MMIC and DC. The features continue the ease of operation, portability, economy and efficiency of the 6-inch probe station series. Modular, customers can easily select a wide range of accessories that can be added later to increase system functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Radio Frequency (RF) Probe is a device to interface between trace/test points to test equipment, to measure the RF signal on the Device Under Test (DUT).

There are single RF Probe for single point measurement; differential RF Probe for differential lines signal; adjustable dual RF Probe for flexible adjustment of differential probe distance; waveguide RF Probe and etc. Contact us to find out more. 

Depending on the specification, our RF Probe can go up to 110GHz with excellent RF characteristics.

  • In order to obtain accurate and consistent data, the placement of RF Probe on the DUT has to be as consistent as possible for all measurement. This is very hard to obtain if RF Probe is used by hand. 
  • We have a range of probe stations, ranging from manual probe station, to customized automatic probe solution. Do contact us to find out more. 

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